Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simple eating

Tonight's meal was a simple one.  The longest part of this meal is the topping for the grilled pork chops - caramelized onions. 

I started with 4 boneless lean cut pork chops about 4 ounces each.  I put these in a ziploc bag to marinate on my way to Natalie's swimming class.  My marinade?  Simply Ken's Steakhouse Balsamic Vinegar and Onion marinade.  This is a must try for moist meat, whether it's chicken, beef or in tonight's case, pork.

On the way home from the pool, I stopped at my favorite grocer, Harris Teeter, and picked up a pound of fresh BRUSSEL SPROUTS!  Yes, those tiny little green leafy things your mother made you sit at the table and stare at until she finally gave in and let you go to bed when you were a kid!  Trust me, THESE are NOT your mother's Brussel sprouts.

I also opened a can of diced tomatoes for stewed tomatoes and rice to go with my grilled chops.

So where do we begin?  The topping - the caramelized onion. 

You know, a hot fudge sundae is just ice cream until you add the topping...  and caramelized onions are just that important.

Slice three small or two large yellow onions and place in a skillet over medium low heat. 

* Do you know why onions burn your eyes when you cut them?  Sulfuric Acid!  That's right, sulfuric acid is burning your eyes.  The sulfur in onions bursts when you cut the onion blending sulfur with the oxygen and moisture in the room - instant sulfuric acid!  That's why Vidalia onions don't burn your eyes so bad when you cut them.  Vidalia's are low in sulfur!

Add a little olive oil into the bottom of the skillet and let sit.  Stir about every five minutes or so, cooking for about 35-40 minutes.


While these cook, prepare and start the Brussel sprouts.  Tonight I cooked a half pound, and reserved the other half for this weekend!


Olive Oil
8oz brussel sprouts
minced garlic

Wash, and drain the sprouts.  snip ends and remove any bruised or dark leaves.  Cut the sprouts in half to speed cooking.

Place in a bowl and mix all ingredients. 

Then place in a baking dish sprayed with non-stick spray!

Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 30 minutes.

These are SOOOoo good!!

When you put the sprouts in the oven, open a can of diced tomatoes and put in a sauce pan.  Add a tsp to a tsp and a half of white vinegar and a tbsp of Splenda (or sugar).  Allow to simmer on medium low until everything else is ready.

For the rice.... tonight (as in many nights) I cheat.  I use the Minute Rice 1 cup microwave servings.  Saves time for me!  When everything is ready - place the cup in the microwave and cook it for one minute.  Divide - it makes two servings in this fare!

Fire up the grill with about twenty five minutes to go on the sprouts. 

After a few minutes the gas grill will be hot, add the pork chops and cook.  (about five minutes each side - check with a meat thermometer if needed)

Put it all together for a great meal!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Richard....I'm really impressed by your blog! Love to hear what you've made each night for dinner and this blog not only tells us what you made, but it's informational and the pics are just gorgeous! Keep up the good - I'll be back!
Kim (West) Miller

Anonymous said...

Wow, Richard... this looks so good! I can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

It was yummy! I love this blog because I get to eat ALL the food!

Anonymous said...

This looks good Richard~

Lauri said...

Hi!! I noticed your from Florence SC!! I'm from Columbia But we now live in Charleston. And I'm a GAMECOCK!!! My blog is! Hope you will check it out if you get a chance! GO COCKS!!