Friday, April 22, 2011

Savannah Omelet

One long weekend many moons ago….
My bride and I ventured a few hours south for a relaxing getaway to Savannah, Georgia.  Savannah is the one of, if not the first, city to be laid out and planned with streets in a grid.  Savannah is an old, historic city with many sites for a history buff (me).  The city’s River-Walk district has boutiques and stores for a shop-a-holic (my bride).   It also has some wonderful eateries for both of our tastes!

We stayed in the historic district of downtown Savannah, and each morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  As is our custom, we asked the wait staff what was their  signature  dish.  Their unanimous response was the Savannah omelet.  This became my favorite all time omelet.
This morning, Good Friday, is the beginning of SPRING BREAK for Natalie and I.  To celebrate a Savannah omelet was to be made – for me!
These days many of my favorites have been “slimmed down” to benefit my health and this dish has been as well.  Eggs are wonderful, but they do have quite a bit of cholesterol that I don’t need.  So to cut it back, I use 1 whole egg and two egg whites.  This takes the cholesterol from 655mg’s to 213mg’s for the eggs.

Savannah Omelet
1 whole fresh egg
2 egg whites, fresh
3oz shrimp (appx 5 medium)
¼ cup red onion, chopped
¼ cup fresh mushrooms, chopped
¼ cup reduced fat cheddar cheese
½ Roma tomato, seeded and diced (topping)
1 green onion, sliced (topping) * - I didn’t have any this morning L
S & P to taste

Sautee onions and mushrooms in a small pan sprayed with non-stick spray and set to the side.
Lightly whip the egg and egg whites. ( I sometimes add a teaspoon of water, but not today)
Coat a medium frying pan with non-stick cooking spray and heat over medium low heat.  When pan is hot add egg mixture.
Lift edges and turn to allow all liquid to gain contact with pan to cook. As the egg firms, add the onions, mushrooms, shrimp and cheese through the middle section of the eggs.

After a few moments, fold one side of the omelet over the shrimp and cheese.  Then flip over from the bottom of the shrimp and cheese to finish the fold.  Let sit a minute, then flip entire omelet one turn and wait a minute.

Plate omelet and top with chopped tomatoes and sliced green onion.

 This heart healthy breakfast comes in at 300 calories, 10 carbs, and 12g fat.



Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table said...

This looks like a fantastic breakfast! I'm ready for tomato season.

Holly Henry said...

I'm a big lover of omelets! What a yummy looking recipe! I am now a follower of your blog!


Tiffany said...

I just made this omelet, minus the mushrooms, wonderful and delicious I must say! Although, I don't think I will ever master the flip!

Richard said...

Glad you liked it Tiffany. It's my favorite.