Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coconut Shrimp and Jasmine Rice

I have cookbook upon cookbook.  Seriously, I have an antique case FULL of cookbooks. I can sit and read a cookbook the same as I read a James Patterson novel.  A great cookbook is as good a page turner as any mystery novel.  Tonight's menu came from the pages of one of my favorites.  If you don't have it - get it.  It is Fix It and Enjoy It! Healthy Cookbook by Phyllis Pellman Good. 

Ø  Green onions, ½ bunch
Ø  Minced Garlic, 2 cloves
Ø  Coconut milk – Light, 1 can
Ø  Water
Ø  Jasmine rice, 1 ½ cups (uncooked)
Ø  Carrots, 1 cup shredded
Ø  Salt, 1 tsp
Ø  Shrimp, 25-30 medium peeled 
Ø  Snow peas, 2 ½ cups
Ø  Lime juice, 1Tbsp
Ø  Olive oil, 1Tbsp

SHRIMP!!  I don't know who the first human to eat one was, but THANK YOU!  The reason I say that is simple.  Have you really ever looked at a whole shrimp?  Who was it that said, "Ooo Wee!  I'm gonna eat one of these!"?  It had to be a dare.  Shoot.  It had to be a double dog dare!  I'm so glad they did!  
Anyway, you have to get your shrimp naked for this party!  Peel 'em!  I love Harris Teeter's shrimp.  Watch for when these babies are on sale, then stock the freezer.
Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. (a skillet you have a lid for!)  Add green onions and garlic.  Saute for a couple of minutes. 
Measure out the coconut milk and water to come up with a total of 3 1/2 cups combined.  Add this to the skillet and stir.

When this boils add rice, carrots, and salt. Cover and reduce heat to simmer for 12 minutes.

During this period zest your lime.

When the time is up, add shrimp, zest and snow peas.  If the rice is a little dry add water in small increments.  I had to add about a 1/4 cup.  Stir well to mix.  Cover and simmer for 3-5 minutes more.  Shrimp should be pink.

Divide mixture into six equal portions.  Each portion is about 315 calories, 44 carbs, 6g fat, and 4g fiber.


While I cooked I got to enjoy some of these babies!

I boiled the "extra" shrimp from the bag and made some "Special Sauce"!!  Hot Horseradish is the key!!


Jen said...

Naked shrimp!! My kind of party!!

YUM!! Definitely trying this...SOON!! :)

Medeja- CranberryJam said...

Great cookbook! And dish looks great too :)

Kate said...

Great dish! I love coconut shrimp but have never tried it with coconute milk and it sounds wonderful.Shrimp, snow peas, green onions and coconute milk - how could you go wrong with this combo?

Kelly | Eat Yourself Skinny said...

Mmm coconut shrimp is my favorite! Actually any kind of shrimp is great! Love this recipe! :)