Friday, April 8, 2011

Salsa & Feta Toast Snacks

We all need a snack to get through the day.  I usually plan my afternoon snack to coincide with finishing my workout at the gym and starting supper.  This afternoon I needed something different than my normal piece of fruit and a few chips. 

This is a quick fix.  I don't have a toaster oven or this would be even quicker! (hint, hint - dear)

Split an Arnold Whole Wheat Sandwich Round down the middle and put in toaster.  Turn oven on to High Broil.

When the toaster pops, put the rounds on an oven safe dish or stone.

Spoon fresh salsa on to each round.

( I do not make my salsa! Uncle Sam's does.)

Top with and ounce of Fat Free Feta Cheese (divided between the two)

Place in oven for just a moment or two. 
KEEP an eye on them! 

Each round is about 70 calories. 


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