Monday, May 9, 2011

Veggie Patties and Chinese Noodles

My wife of 25 years left me today. 
No parties though – she says she’s coming back!
THANK GOODNESS too, I’d be lost without her.!  She is on a business trip to a vineyard resort near Atlanta.  Hmmm.... She may NOT come back.

Playing Mr. Mom to a 6 year old, first grade girl is no problem.  I’ve done it before.  It’s easy.  She asks – she gets, what’s the problem?  Yes, yes she does have me wrapped tight around her little pinky, but then again so does my bride.   I miss her already.
 Oh!  Matt is home from college for the summer.  He’s been job hunting today so that’s a good thing.  I had to explain the hunting aspect from a primitive humanistic point of view,  "Matt, you’re hunting jobs.  If your hunting party doesn’t score game – you starve."  It’s simple, but effective.  My back up is, "No job – no gas."   Walking has the same effect as a rumbling stomach to teenage boys.
So, what to prepare tonight?  Simple – it’s Meatless Monday, well for me at least.  On the way home from the Fitness Center, Natalie picked out a nice Oscar Meyer Lunchable from the grocery store while I picked up some fresh veggies – and a bottle of wine. (This Mr. Mom MAY not be as easy at I want it to be…)
I decided to experiment in the kitchen with keeping the calories low in mind, as well as meatless Monday.  I put two MorningStar Veggie Grillers in the frying pan over medium heat while I chopped an onion, some celery, a bell pepper, and a cup of mushroom slices.

When the patties were done, I removed them from the pan and added 2tsp of Olive Oil.  When heated I added the chopped veggies and a shot or two of soy sauce.
While the veggies cooked I boiled a single serving of Chinese noodles in a small pot.  These only take three minutes to cook, then rinse with cold water and drain. 
Chop the veggie patties into bite sized pieces and add back to the skillet.  Add noodles and stir.  Another shot or two of soy sauce (use the low sodium, it tastes just as good with less sodium – duh!). 

Divided into two separate containers (lunch tomorrow) and enjoy!

Each serving is approximately 350 calories.  (Approximately 350 calories because I didn’t weigh my noodles tonight!)


Linda said...

Hi there! I thought I'd stop by to see what's cooking. That's a good idea, using a veggie patty to "beef" up a meatless dish. Nice combination of ingredients - my family would totally love this. I agree with your point of view and wish Matt luck with his job prospects!

Unknown said...

Being the carnivore that I am, I have to admit that I wasn't too keen on the idea of that veggie patty, but now that I've seen the final dish it looks delicious and integrates well with the whole. I'll bet it was delicious.

Poor Matt. :)