Thursday, May 5, 2011

Movin' on up to the East Side - Upper East Side NYC that is.

An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident – SERENDIPITY!

    It wasn’t really an accident that we were able to eat at this Upper East Side noted establishment.  It required some very skilled planning and conniving for my wife to get the noon reservation months in advance, have our daughter up, dressed, ready to go, and me convinced that we were just going for some sight-seeing on FIFTH AVENUE before lunch.   (I sometimes wonder where my mind is drifting off to on these occasions.)  I must readily admit that the trip to Serendipity3 was so worth the effort put forth by my bride of 25 years.  Although, I may not say the same about 5th Avenue!  

     From the outside looking in, most would probably keep on looking – for somewhere else to eat!  The entrance was very plain and not very glitzy. (Glitzy? Is that a word?  It must be, as you know what I meant!) If it weren’t for the fact that this is a little NYC gem, made even more popular by the movie of the same name starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale, many would not venture here to break bread.  With that said, at 11:45 when we arrived for our noon reservation there was already a long waiting list and a line to sign up for the list.  (Did I mention how much I love my bride’s planning skills?)

     Upon giving our name and reservation time, the Maître d’s face lifted from a partial scowl to warm and friendly.  His voice even seemed lighter as he immediately proceeded to show us to our table.  (Did I mention how much I love my bride’s smarts for making reservations weeks in advance?)   Allowing my two lovely ladies to pass me and follow our fresh new host, I could feel the daggers in my back from the eyes of those waiting.  “C'est la vie”. 

As we sat at our table in the dining area, I noticed that the light was wonderful for taking photos.  The overhead skylight with some stained glass in sections was allowing just the right amount of light into the room.  The room was decorated with Tiffany stained glass, antiques and nostalgic advertising materials of times past.  Our host set out our flatware and handed us our menus.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, the colossal menus forebode a similarity that would later be revealed upon the serving plates. 

     There was so much to choose from on the menu, but having heard so much about New York’s Challah bread I had to try it.  I ordered the Ultimate BLT served of course on Challah bread.  While discussing all the options for Natalie, the waiter came up and delivered our water.  He suggested the child’s plate Grilled Cheese for her.  Natalie was sold as grilled cheese is her favorite food group.  Stephanie decided on the waiter’s suggestion of the Monet Salad.  ( I almost had a coronary, because I thought he said the MONEY salad – after all we did just leave 5th Avenue and Trump Towers!) The Monet salad was fruit, and avocado, and greens, and much like a Monet painting – full of color.

      The service was exceptional and the food was even better!  We could not leave Serendipity without sampling their signature item – Frozen Hot Chocolate.  (Yeah, I had a hard time wrapping my head around that one.  It belongs in the same name-game failure as Fried Ice Cream)  Pictures are worth more words than I could ever assemble, so here they are.

A great morning in New York City to be topped off with a subway ride downtown to ride the Staten Island Ferry to see Lady Liberty and Ground Zero.


SuzyEats said...

look like you had a nice time!! :-) I will need to try serendipity 3 next time I am nearby.

birdie to be said...

Just like the movie!!! How exciting. Looks delish too!

Cristina said...

Next time I visit NYC, I will have to make a point of visiting Serendipity (and make reservations!)...I must try that Frozen Hot Chocolate deliciousness. Edible food photos =) Thanks for sharing your experience there.

EmilyBark said...

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