Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick and Easy Breakfast Sandwich

When I run into people I haven't seen in a while, the initial remarks are almost the same script - "Oh my! You've lost a lot of weight."  The next few questions range, but once they understand it was from eating right (I don't like the term 'diet') and exercise they almost all come to the following question: "What do you eat for breakfast?" 

Breakfast has always been touted as - the most important meal of the day.  I agree as well.  If I skip breakfast, I am hungry all day and it doesn't matter how much I binge.  If I eat a "bad" breakfast, then I often give up on the day and eat "bad" all day.  Then get mad at myself, resulting in more bad eating habits.  It's a vicious circle of despair.  BUT, if I eat a healthy breakfast and start my day off right... I am at peace with myself.  I have energy for the morning, and feel good about the entire day and will usually eat well all day.  Therefore, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day!!!!

Cereal, whether healthy or not does not work for me.  Cereal seems to be a trigger for bad eating habits - it must be mental from back in the day.  For my friends that have seen as many moons as myself will remember that Saturday mornings were the ONLY day for cartoons, and they always had the cereal commercials on then.  Coo coo for Cocoa Puffs, Cap't Crunch, Trix are for kids you silly rabbit..   Remember?   They also always had those irresistable toys on the inside of the box of cereal.  So you would eat several bowls trying to 'find' the toy...  All bad decisions no doubt...  You see why I think I'm mental about cereal??

Healthy cereal?  Yeah... have you ever actually measured out a recommended serving of it?  It looks like a needle in a haystack, and that is supposed to be your start to the day???  I don't thinks so.

I like real food for breakfast, but time is very valuable and scarce in our home.  Therefore, I had to have some quick fixes that would work.  The following is one of my favorite and most common breakfast items.

Ingredients -

1 - Jimmy Dean Turkey sausage pattie (sliced down the middle to make two thin rounds) 
       *60 calories
1 - Thomas English Muffin (multi-grain light)
       *100 calories
1/2 - Roma tomato, sliced
       *8 calories
1 tsp. French's yellow mustard
       *0 calories

How To-

Toast the muffin, heat the sausage in the microwave for 38 seconds, slice the tomatoes.

Put it all together and add mustard!

Now you have a hot breakfast sandwich for 168 calories! 

The sweet tangy mustard, the spices of the sausage, and the cool tomato in the warm muffin make a great combination of flavors and textures.  It's a great way to start the day, well my day any way!



Anonymous said...

I do this but add egg whites as well. No fat, no cholestoral, and mucho protein. And very low calorie addition!Kim

Richard said...

I add egg whites sometimes too, but during the week, it's hard to crank up the skillet and clean it all up before we have to head out the door!

Dawnye7 said...

Good job, I would eat that for breakfast. I changed my eating habits about 6 years ago and lost 35 lbs. It took a while to realize that I can enjoy those good old treats, just in moderation and on occasion. And that fiber is the key to keeping the tummy from growling.

Elpiniki said...

Wow! Great sandwich! I could eat this any time of the day!

Crunchy Creamy Sweet said...

I am with you on the good breakfast thing! Your sandwich idea is perfect for any day, and easy for mom's like me - busy busy!

SuzyEats said...

this looks great. i am always looking for new healthy meal ideas.