Thursday, June 2, 2011

Creamy Cucumber and Onion Salad

This is a simple salad that I learned during my cooking lesson with Chef Brad!  It tastes wonderful and is low calorie.  The following recipe serves 8 with a calorie count of 38 calories per serving, unless you DOUBLE the serving like me on this one for 76 calories.   I think I can swing the extra on this one!

6 medium cucumbers (peeled and seeded)
1 large red onion
1/2 cup of fat free plain yogurt
1 tsp fresh oregano
2 tbsp (or three) white wine vinegar
Salt & Pepper to taste (lots of pepper!)


Julienne the red onion and put into a bowl of ice water for about ten minutes. (This reduces the sulfur strength of the onion and sweetens it)

Cut the cukes in half lengthwise. Slice cucumbers on an angle about a half inch thick after seeding the halves.

Put the cukes in a mixing bowl, add yogurt, oregano (roughly chopped), and salt and pepper.
After onions have soaked, add them to the bowl and the white wine vinegar.
Stir to blend and serve. Chill if desired.


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