Monday, May 6, 2013

Mango & Banana Smoothies

Mangoes and bananas make this ‘clean’ smoothie feel like a tropical breeze just blew in.  Now with under twenty days of school left before the start of summer vacation, I am starting to feel the need for warm sand between my toes, the sun’s rays on my body and an ocean breeze on my face.  Add this Mango Madness smoothie to my glass as I kick back in the beach chair and ahhhh…. Soon…very soon...  Well, enough of my fantasies, let’s see how to make this wonderful and healthful drink from my cookbook, The Everything Eating Clean Cookbook. 

1 fresh mango, peeled and cored
1 banana, peeled
1 cup almond milk
1 Tbsp. local honey (support your community/state farmers and buy local!)
2 cups of ice

What to do:
Alright, how many of you have ever peeled and cored a mango?  Honestly, this was my first time to do so.  It’s pretty simple.  Using a potato peeler I skinned the entire fruit.  Cut in half; removed the ‘pit/core’.  Then put it in the Ninja/Blender with the peeled banana, almond milk and honey.

Add ½ cup of ice and blend.  Continue to add ice until you reach your desired consistency.  I used the entire two cups, but it may vary.  I topped it with a few blueberries for color and texture to each serving.
The recipe yielded three 8oz. servings approximately 126 calories per serving.  It counts as two servings of fruit too!

A 3oz shot of rum would be nice for the beach chair mix, but those calories are extra and not considered ‘clean’.



  1. Since I'm not a beach person, how about if I grab that pitcher and head to the porch of some mountain getaway? We can raise our glasses from opposite ends of the vacation spectrum. It looks amazing.

  2. Anything with mango in it gets my attention. This looks perfect for summer :)


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